Our people

Among the independent management companies, La Financière de l'Echiquier has one of the most important collective management teams in Paris. It covers a broad spectrum of asset classes and management styles. As for the sales teams, the private management and all support functions, they are all means used by financial advisors, private investors and institutional investors.

Management team

Didier Le Menestrel
Christophe Mianné
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Gueugnier
Deputy CEO
Olivier de Berranger
Chief Investment Officer
Bertrand Merveille
Head of Private Client Management
Alix Descroix
Head of Human Resources
Edouard Duffour
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
Maroussia Ermeneux
Chief Operating Officer

Collective investment

Olivier de Berranger
Chief Investment Officer
Matthieu Leblanc
Deputy Chief Investment Officer

European equities

Frédéric Buzaré
FundManager of Echiquier Agressor
Stéphanie Bobtcheff, CFA
Manager Small & Mid Caps
José Berros
Manager Small & Mid Caps
Guillaume Puech, CFA
Manager Small & Mid Caps
Maxime Lefebvre, CFA
Manager of Echiquier Value Euro
Romain Ruffenach
Co-manager of Echiquier Value Euro
Adrien Bommelaer
Manager of Echiquier Major SRI Growth Europe
Matthieu Détroyat
Fund Manager of Echiquier Major
Mathieu Barbara, CFA
Analyst Small & Mid Caps
Philbert Veissieres
Small & Mid Cap Analyst
Louis Porrini
Analyst for Echiquier Agressor

GLOBAL range

David Ross, CFA
Manager of Echiquier World Equity Growth, CFA
Rolando Grandi, CFA
International Equity Fund Manager
Louis Bersin
Analyste Echiquier World Equity Growth

Diversified & FI

Guillaume Jourdan
Co-fund manager of Echiquier ARTY and manager of Echiquier Convexité Europe
Emmanuel Martin
Co-Fund Manager Fund Manager of Echiquier Convexité Europe
Jean Biscarrat
Manager of Echiquier Patrimoine
Anne-Claire Daussun
Fund manager
Uriel Saragusti
Co-manager of Echiquier ARTY and Echiquier Credit Europe
Matthieu Durandeau
Co-Fund Manager of Echiquier AltaRocca Rendement 2023
Charlotte Davain
Analyst for Echiquier Convexité Europe and Echiquier ARTY


Sonia Fasolo
Echiquier Positive Impact & Echiquier Major SRI Growth Europe fund manager
Joséphine Aubé
SRI analyst
Coline Pavot
SRI analyst
Luc Olivier
Financial and SRI Analyst

Asset allocation

Alexis Bienvenu
Fund manager
Benjamin Bourguignat
Fund manager
Clément Inbona
Fund manager
Enguerrand Artaz
Manager of Echiquier Allocation Flexible

Systematic management

Ludovic Berthe
FundManager of Echiquier QME
Alexis Grutter
FundManager of Echiquier QME


David Kruk
Head of trading desk
Gilles Levi
David Brault


Asset Management Spokesperson

Pierre Puybasset

International Distribution

Alessandro Arrighi
Country Manager - Italia
Davide Bersan
Senior Sales Manager Wholesale - Italy
Mathias Blandin
Area Manager - Iberia
Benjamin Canlorbe
Country Manager Switzerland
Philip Piltz
Sales Director - Germany
Stéphane Van Tilborg
Country Manager - Benelux
Maxime Alazet
International Institutional Sales Director
Capucine Gautier
International Institutional Sales


Robert Véla
Business Development Manager, Institutional Investors & Key Accounts
Anne-Frédérique Cabasset
Institutional Client Relations Manager
Pierre Baril
Head of Key Accounts
Thomas Rieupeyrout
Key Account Client Relations Manager
Dany Jaxel
Institutional Account Manager
Thibault Saint-Raymond
Institutional Account Manager
Teddy Cognet
Institutional Asset Management Manager

Client service

Paul Septfons
Head of Client Service
Emilie Deslogis
Client Service Manager
Régis Vidal-Engaurran
Business Analyst