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Our expertise

From small and mid-caps to European and international equities, responsible investment, European credits or asset allocation, we have developed conviction-based approaches for each of our areas of expertise.

Stock pickers from the outset: we put in-depth knowledge of companies and their leaders at the heart of our process. Our wide range of strategies, whether Growth, Value or Blend, allows you to gain exposure to the best equity opportunities.

SMID expertise

A universe rich in opportunities in which our stock-picking expertise really makes sense

Each opportunity is subjected to a fundamental and independent company analysis, following a disciplined process: Our strategies cover all capitalisation sizes in this universe.

Assessment of the business model

Growth prospects, competitive positioning, alignment of interests with management, etc.

Meetings with company managers across Europe

To validate fundamental analysis and establish close relationships with companies.

Non-financial analysis

To complement the fundamental vision and assess risks and opportunities.

Methodical and rigorous investment

By a team of three managers, backed up by two analysts, specialised in European small and mid-caps.

Blend expertise

The combination of value and growth stock picking and macroeconomic analysis

In an increasingly complex environment, agile and tactical management is essential. Through our Blend expertise, we offer our clients a balanced, unbiased approach to sectors, styles, countries and capitalisation sizes. This management style is based on a search for stocks with specific stories, combined with an analysis of different market regimes.

France is Back

Our commitment in the heart of our regions

France is a natural source of investment ideas and a breeding ground for companies, some of which have an impact well beyond our national borders. At LFDE, we believe it is also a genuine investment theme. Our France thematic range focuses on:

  • emerging companies, to help them reach critical mass and conquer new markets.

  • structural champions that promote French expertise internationally in the luxury, tourism, aerospace and lifestyle sectors.


LFDE has developed an innovative range of themes allowing investment in the major challenges facing society, which we believe are synonymous with opportunities. We offer our clients innovative, diversified strategies dedicated to artificial intelligence, space, health, the ageing population, climate change, biodiversity and, more generally, the various megatrends that we believe will shape the world of tomorrow.

Climate or biodiversity: must we choose?

As a responsible and committed investor for over 30 years, we have decided to take our climate ambitions further by defining a climate and biodiversity strategy. Given the urgency of the situation, we are making climate change and biodiversity our priorities, and integrating these challenges into our investment processes and all our business activities. With vehicles dedicated to climate change and biodiversity, or covering both these challenges, and with European or global approaches, we have a range of products to meet all investor needs.

Credit and convertible bonds

Applying LFDE’s expertise in asset selection to fixed income securities

We invest in a wide range of bonds:

  • Corporate debt: hybrids, convertibles, senior secured and unsecured

  • Financial debt: Tier 1, Tier 2, CoCos, senior, etc.


We offer you a range of vehicles to invest in this asset class:

  • A selection of debt securities and short-maturity bonds mainly issued by corporate issuers

  • Corporate and financial debt, mainly from the eurozone, both investment grade and high yield

  • Perpetual subordinated or long-dated euro-denominated bonds issued by private non-financial companies

Multi-asset expertise

We draw on the expertise of our in-house team to search for yield wherever it is to be found.

La Financière de l'Echiquier seeks to provide you with the best possible service by leveraging our knowledge in areas such as asset allocation and European and international equities, while investing in the full spectrum of corporate debt, mainly in Europe. Our know-how is primarily based on:

  • A strategic and tactical approach

  • Access to different growth drivers through diversification

  • Arbitrage within and between asset classes to maximise risk/return

  • Derivatives used for hedging


This toolbox means we can react fast and maximise our ability to mitigate market reversals. This know-how is particularly evident in our open-ended funds as well as in our tailor-made solutions.

Asset allocation

The combination of our selection know-how and our strategic and tactical allocation for all risk profiles

Four key words:


Our management team benefits from expertise forged in the field.


Our analysis is based on the economic and financial environment, as well as on the specific nature of your constraints and objectives.


Equities, corporate bonds, convertible bonds or mutual funds, each investment vehicle is carefully selected in light of our knowledge of global markets.


We know how to react diligently and quickly adapt asset allocation.

Systematic management

We believe that systematic investment strategies, uncorrelated with traditional assets, are an effective tool for investors seeking to maximise returns while minimising risk and diversifying their portfolios. Through our expertise in systematic management, we offer our clients a strategy aimed at capturing medium- to long-term upside and downside trends across all asset classes, while maximising diversification (markets, strategies, geographical areas, time horizons, etc.).