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Conviction-based management close to companies

Because we think that companies are the best places to invest capital.

Conviction-based management

Our philosophy is reflected in the rigorous selection of the companies in which we invest from a long-term perspective. Our goal is to create sustainable value and capture performance regardless of market configurations.

Interview with Olivier de Berranger, CEO et co-CIO LFDE and Michel Saugne, co-CIO LFDE

Our investment philosophy

A long-term approach to investing

When we trust a management team, we give them the time they need to implement a strategy that will create value.

Active management to overcome market ups and downs

We believe that the key to performance lies in the ability to overcome market noise and “short-termism”, and to focus on a company’s fundamentals.

Special attention to risk management and volatility

Our aim is to achieve an optimised risk/return profile.

Our method

La Financière de l'Echiquier's fund managers and analysts monitor nearly 2,500 companies in over 40 countries, using a methodology that has remained unchanged since the company's inception and consists of 3 key stages.