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A responsible investor since 1991

As the creation of sustainable value results from balance and a management perspective focused on the world of tomorrow, our non-financial analysis applies to all stocks in the portfolio.

Socially responsible investment and performance: a winning pair

Our long-standing commitment to SRI is behind our strongest conviction: the most virtuous companies on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are also the most successful.

Combining meaning and performance is possible, indeed it is vital! See our study entitled “SRI & Performance

SRI, a conviction from the very beginning

Since 1991, we have paid particular attention to the governance of the companies in which we invest, and to the men and women who lead them. In 2007, we formalised our SRI methodology, a proprietary method that has been enriched over time, but which is still built on the same foundations: meetings with entrepreneurs, the only way to forge a well-grounded opinion on the ESG quality of companies.

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Our ESG analysis

Our ESG analysis methodology is based on systematic meetings with company leaders focused on sustainable development issues.

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Our SRI offer

Our investment solutions to combine meaning and performance.

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Access our SRI documentation, or explore the theme.

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