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Give more meaning to your investments

La Financière de l’Echiquier offers socially responsible investment solutions and also integrates the analysis of non-financial criteria across its entire active management portfolio. The analysis of ESG criteria helps better identify risks and detect new investment opportunities.

Our SRI funds

Our responsible investment solutions are central to our responsible investment approach. They have obtained the French government’s SRI label.

Our investment approach

Our committed strategy aims to contribute purposefully to the resolution of major global challenges, in particular by helping finance companies that make an active contribution to the sustainable development of our societies.

Exclude controversial practices and sectors

Certain sectors such as tobacco, controversial weapons and thermal coal are excluded from all of our investment solutions. Our SRI funds have an even more restrictive exclusion policy.

Identify risks through ESG analysis

Our ESG methodology forged in 2007 has been enriched over the years. We apply it systematically and rigorously to all the stocks present in our SRI-Investment funds. We have adapted it to analyse 100% of the securities invested in our non-SRI Investment funds.

Detect new opportunities through SDGs

We believe that the financial industry has a responsibility in directing capital to companies that contribute positively to sustainable development issues. Echiquier Positive Impact Europe takes our SRI ambition further by supporting companies with a proven positive impact on achieving the UN SDGs.

ESG integration for all our funds

Our goal is to analyse 100% of the stocks held across all of our funds on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. This shared core of responsibility aims to progressively align the practices of the entire management team with those implemented within the framework of SRI funds.

A dedicated SRI team placed at the heart of our management

Our SRI team manages the internal ESG rating work of the companies in the SRI funds. It provides the entire management team with day-to-day support in our ESG integration process.

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Our convictions

SRI, a conviction from the very beginning

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Our ESG analysis

Our ESG analysis methodology is based on systematic meetings with company leaders focused on sustainable development issues.

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