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A case for European Midcaps

We are now very convinced of the opportunity of investing in European Midcaps and have prepared a short set of slides under the title “A case for European Midcaps”.

Although things still have to improve, Europe has achieved better financial stability and growth figures are encouraging. European stocks, especially Midcaps, do trade at a significant discount compared with their American counterparts (average PE is at 14 and dividend yield at 2.8%).

Our European Midcap fund, Echiquier Agenor, a portfolio that seeks great European business models at reasonable price, now proposes an exposure to companies with an average revenue growth of 5% and a FCF yield of 5.4%. Our process, that puts emphasis on meeting with the management team of the companies we invest in, brings investments in great European companies often “out of the radar” of Institutional Investors.

We would be very glad to provide you with further information on the topic.

Contact : Stéphane Vonthron, +33 1 47 23 96 27, svonthron@fin-echiquier.fr