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Our website uses cookies and other related technology such as tracers to offer you the best secure browsing experience for your needs. The term “cookie” refers to all the technology detailed in this Policy.


1. What are cookies? ?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) when you visit them using a browser. Your device will store the cookie for a certain length of time and will send it to our website’s server each time you visit our website.

(We retain your cookie preferences for 6 months. These cookies are valid for a maximum of 6 months).


2. Types of cookies we use?

2.1. Strictly necessary cookies, for which user consent is not required

Strictly necessary cookies ensure that our website is secure and works properly. These cookies are required and so we don’t have to ask for your consent to store them on your browser.


2.2. Optional cookies, for which user consent is required

Cookies used for marketing and advertising, social media, content sharing and videos


Cookies that support marketing and advertising
We use these cookies so we can show you personalised content and advertising based on your browsing behaviour and profile.


Social media and content sharing cookies
Our site includes social media “share” buttons so that you can share the content on our site with other people.
For more information, you can consult the relevant social media platform’s privacy policy:


Cookies linked to videos
Cookies placed on your device via video sharing services allow you to view the selected multimedia content directly on our website.
To find out more:



Cookies used to gather statistics


Cookies used to gather statistics and measure audiences
These are cookies that we use to measure our website’s audience and analyse how the site is being used. We use these cookies to obtain statistics on how often users visit our website, the pages they visit, and how they browse our website.


3. Cookies placed on our website



4. Setting your cookie preferences

When you visit our website for the first time, and when your preferences expire, a banner appears and asks you to set your preferences for the optional cookies that require your consent. You can:

  • Accept all cookies

  • Refuse optional cookies

  • Personalise your preferences


However, refusing optional cookies may cause our website to not work properly. For example, you may not be able to access certain content and your user experience may suffer.

You can also deactivate cookies in your browser’s settings via the “Tools” menu or similar function.


In addition, you can change your cookie preferences at any time using the procedures described below:

Manage your consent settings



5. My rights and contacting LFDE

For information on La Financière de l’Echiquier’s Personal Data Protection Policy click here.


If you have any questions about your rights regarding your personal data, you can contact us:

By post
Data Protection Officer, LFDE, 53 avenue d’Iéna – 75116 Paris – France

By email:

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