The Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI) 2024 recognises LBP AM and LFDE as Avant-Gardists in responsible investment

LBP AM joins the top 10 of the French ranking


The 2024 edition of the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI) distinguishes LBP AM and La Financière de l’Échiquier (LFDE), ranking them both as Avant-Gardists, the most demanding status in this ranking, which assesses the commitment to responsibility of more than 600 asset management companies worldwide. LBP AM now ranks among the top 10 French asset management companies.

Produced by Hirschel & Kramer, the RIBI index assesses players in the global asset management industry[1] on their ability to make their commitment to sustainable investing central to their identity and brand. The Index rates asset managers on two dimensions: a Commitment rating focusing on hard factors, and a Brand rating.

LBP AM joined the Avant-Gardist category in 2024, while LFDE has now held this status for four consecutive years. This is the most selective category in the ranking, and is only achieved by 20% of the management companies rated worldwide. Avant-Gardist status distinguishes the highest level of commitment to responsible investment and alignment of practices.

This dual distinction underlines the commitment and ambition of both companies, as well as the LBP AM Group’s consistency in terms of responsible investment.


Emmanuelle Mourey, Chair of LBP AM’s Management Board and LFDE’s Board of Directors, said: “Responsible investment is a strategic challenge for the asset management industry and a core commitment for LBP AM and LFDE. The RIBI 2024 global rankings reflect our shared aspirations and the maturity of our commitment. The complementary nature of our approaches and the respective strengths of our teams, tools and methods will enable us to converge towards the highest standards. LBP AM and LFDE have what it takes to consolidate their position as European leaders in sustainable finance.


Olivier de Berranger, Deputy CEO and CIO of La Financière de l’Echiqiuer, said: “LFDE’s consistent presence in the RIBI global rankings rewards our commitment to responsible investment, a truly pioneering commitment for our company in response to all major collective challenges. The resources deployed by LBP AM, our long-term shareholder, will enable us to further intensify our commitment to responsible investment. Congratulations to all our teams!



[1] Based on the IPE Journal Top 500 Asset Managers rankings