Echiquier Space is celebrating its first birthday

Echiquier Space[1], the first fund in Europe dedicated to space and its ecosystem, is celebrating its first birthday.

Launched on 31 May 2021, this thematic, conviction-based fund seeks to select stocks positioned across the space ecosystem and favours those that contribute to the development of a sustainable space industry. The management team draws on an ESG Charter[2] specific to space issues to assess companies’ commitments to climate and space debris management challenges.

This pioneering fund’s strategy[3] targets four company profiles – companies that operate from space, such as the Earth observation industry; from Earth; between Earth and space, such as the satellite industry; and finally, companies that are developing technology related to the space industry, such as 3D printing.

In April 2022, Echiquier Space received the Innovation Award from Investissement Conseils.

This is a long-term investment theme and the space revolution’s potential is unprecedented. The space market is worth $400 billion today and could be worth as much as $2.7 trillion by 2045[4].



[1] The fund is primarily exposed to the risk of capital loss, equity risk, foreign exchange risk, emerging market risk, and discretionary management risk. The decision to invest in the promoted fund should not be based exclusively on its non-financial approach and should take all of the fund’s other features, as described in its prospectus, into account.
For more information on its features, risks and costs, please read the regulatory documents (prospectus and KIID) available at
[2] Environmental, Social, and Governance. The process of integrating ESG criteria is not significantly restrictive.
[3] The investment process is likely to evolve over time and is not set as a constraint in the prospectus.
[4] PwC, December 2020