What's up with ARTY!

Take the opportunity to debate with Olivier de Berranger, fund manager of ARTY (5 stars Morningstar’s* diversified fund of Financière de l’Echiquier)

5Star_Seal_OverallRating30 minutes interactive conference

ARTY is a diversified fund invested in both European corporate bonds and equity markets, looking for the best yielding asset that issuers can provide. ARTY delivered a performance of

+ 5,21 % YTD in 2014**, and an annualized performance of + 6,19 %** since inception.


Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 09:30 am
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Olivier de BerrangeAfter the strong performance of corporate bonds and High Yield, what will be the next performance drivers for diversified funds ?

By Olivier de Berranger, Fund Manager of ARTY and Echiquier Patrimoine


UrielSaragustiHigh Yield and financials : is the gain worth the risk ?

By Uriel Saragusti, Credit Analyst for the Diversified and Bond team



*Arty, diversified fund rated 5 Stars Morningstar as at October, 31st, 2014
** Performance as at Septembre 22nd, 2014