Echiquier Value G EUR


Echiquier Value Euro is a stock-picking fund. The fund invests in eurozone value stocks, strongly under-evaluated according to the fund manager or in a turnaround situation.

We track the triggers that will reduce the gap between the stock price and the company's actual situation.

The fund management team 
Performance 2019
NAV as of 28/01/2019
Fund assets under management at 28/01/2019
Risk level
5 years
Investment horizon


Manager of Echiquier Value Euro


Co-manager of Echiquier Value Euro



Over a rolling period
Echiquier Value Euro Fund G EUR Benchmark
3 months - -0,50
2019 +4,76 +5,60
1 year -28,99 -6,08
3 years - -
5 years - -
10 years - -
Inception -15,80 +12,56
Annual Performance
Echiquier Value Euro Fund G EUR Benchmark
2018 -29,95 -7,49
Past performances do not guarantee future performances and are not constant over time.
Fund and index performances include dividend distributed (strating January 1st 2013). Until 2012 included, index performance was calculated ex dividend.


as of 01/01/1991


Fund Inception : 20/02/2017
Periodicity and Listing currency : Daily (EUR)
Minimum recommended investment duration : 5 years
Custodian : BNP Paribas Sec. Services – Lux.
Fund Administrator : BNP Paribas Sec. Services – Lux.
Legal form : SICAV
Reference indicator : MSCI EMU NET RETURN EUR
ISIN Code : LU1057354489
Risk level : 5/7
Minimum subscription amount : 100000 €
Investor profile : Reserved for distribution by financial intermediaries other than management companies
Financial service provider : BNP Paribas Securities Services – Luxembourg Branch*


Maximum subscription fee : 3,00%
Redemption fee : 0,00%
Tax included (Including tax) : 1,50%

For more information on fees, please refer to the fund’s KIID and prospectus.

Legal information

The information provided above is not contractual and does not constitute investment advice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Management fees are included in performances. The value of the investment may change in line with market fluctuations and investors may lose some or all of their initial investment, as the investment funds carry no capital guarantee. Access to the products and services presented herein may be subject to restrictions for certain people or countries. Taxation depends on each investor’s personal situation. The risks, charges and recommended investment period of the investment funds presented are described in the KIIDs (key investment information documents) and prospectuses available on this website. The KIID must be provided to potential investors prior to subscription.