The UN PRI awards this year again LFDE's ESG strategy

The global initiative for responsible investment, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) rewards again La Financière de l’Échiquier’s (LFDE) ESG strategy. This year it was granted A +, the highest possible rating, for the first time for the cornerstones “Strategy & Governance” and “Listed Equity – Incorporation”.
The other 3 pillars received an A, above the median score.

Signatory to the UN PRIs since 2008, LFDE is proud of these results, which reward the continuous improvement of its responsible investment approach, since its pioneering commitment to this initiative, which now has more than 3,400 members (compared to only 250 in 2008).

As for each year, the assessment of the UN PRIs will form the basis for the continuous improvement work carried out on a daily basis by LFDE’s SRI team.
In line with the requirement for transparency, which is at the heart of our responsible investment approach, we make available on our website the UN PRI Transparency Report and Assessment Report, in order to better understand our approach and its evaluation by the UN PRI.