Power 2020 Wisdom of the Selector Awards: Echiquier Positive Impact Europe winner!

Echiquier Positive Impact Europe[1] wins the ESG European Equity Award from IM Power and SharingAlpha at the Sustainability & Impact Investor Forum.

This award recognizes ESG forerunners and alpha generators.

Adrien Bommelaer, Portfolio Manager of Echiquier Positive Impact Europe, said: “We are very proud of this new distinction awarded to Echiquier Positive Impact Europe. We are all the more pleased because LFDE is a pioneer in listed impact investment in France. This award urges us to intensify our efforts to keep on generating positive impact while delivering financial performance. »

Oren Kaplan, Founder and CEO of SharingAlpha, adds: “Our members have been asked to rate funds in different investment categories on the basis of the average ratings provided by a large group of professionals, fund selectors. This unique and thorough methodology makes winning this award special and something to be proud of. »

[1]Echiquier Positive Impact Europe is a SICAV under French classification law « Equities of European Union countries », mainly exposed to the risk of capital loss and equity risk.