#MeetLFDE Léna Jacquelin



What is your career background?

With my degree from the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Leonard de Vinci of Paris, and given my market finance speciality, I became a sell-side analyst. In 2015, I then joined Natixis IM Asia in Singapore, where I lived for six years. I became a buy-side equity analyst, then a member of the investment committee of the global tech fund in 2018 and the global sport fund in 2019. In March 2021, I came back to France as an analyst on the international thematic equity team at La Financière de l’Echiquier.


What are your favourite investment themes?

Those that influence the world of tomorrow! My engineering background naturally steers me towards innovation in general and the spatial ecosystem spatial in particular, whose potential looks infinite. I am also excited by renewable energies. As investors, we have a role to play in accelerating sustainable growth and building a more responsible world.


Do you have a passion?

Actually, I am rather “multi-interest”. I love constant self-learning and discussions! Among other things, I love tech, video games, and the arts, in particular painting, dance (both classical and street dancing), architecture, bonsais, and yoga. No doubt this curiosity was borne of my many trips to Asia. I try to use this thirst for knowledge in the professional world by applying a holistic vision to my investment ideas.


If you were president of France, what would your first act in office be?

The years I spent abroad have shaped my views of France, and I believe we should gain inspiration from things that work elsewhere. In France, the priority would be to SIMPLIFY! Simplify everything – how the government works, our decision-making, everything! I would also encourage a greater opening to the world. To boost growth, I would steer the French economy towards the future. I would provide large-scale support to tech companies, so they can rival with the global powers, i.e., China and the US.