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In line with regulations of the French regulatory body, AMF, performance communication of this share class is prohibited within the first year of existence.

Echiquier European Bonds A

The objective of Echiquier Credit Europe is to obtain performance that is similar or better than the IBOXX EURO CORPORATE 3-5 YEAR index through a selection of negotiable debt instruments in euros ("bond picking") for which the issuers can be private companies, Governments or public bodies.

Class - - NAV : 0,00

Performance 1991


Annualized performance



0,0 € millions

Investment horizon

0 year

Risk level


As of 01/01/1991


General characteristics of the fund
Legal form
Investment horizon 0 year
Periodicity and Listing currency ()
Fund Administrator
SFDR classification
Share class characteristics
Fund Inception 07/10/2021
Risk level
Minimum subscription amount Null
Investor profile
Tax included Including tax 0,00%
Maximum subscription fee 0,00%
Redemption fee 0,00%