A positive start to the year for La Financière de l’Échiquier: €850 million in net inflows as at 31 August

La Financière de l’Échiquier (LFDE) delivered a positive performance in the first eight months of 2020, thanks to its management strategy and despite the economic backdrop.

Year-to-date net inflows totalled €850 million, mainly driven by SRI strategies, small and mid cap equities, and international and thematic equities. It makes LFDE one of the top-performing asset management companies in terms of inflows in France this year.

The performances achieved via these different strategies, which are backed by a conviction management approach developed over nearly 30 years, have proved highly appealing to investors.

SRI strategy and performance

With over €650 million in net inflows since the beginning of 2020, LFDE’s SRI funds – Echiquier Major SRI Growth Europe, Echiquier Positive Impact Europe and Echiquier Agenor SRI Mid Cap Europe in particular – now represent nearly 40% of the company’s AuM.

Increasing numbers of investors, both institutional and retail, have been attracted by LFDE’s expertise and its strategy. Based on a proprietary methodology in which governance analysis is a key component, added to rigorous stock-picking approach, LFDE’s SRI strategy has shown that it can deliver long-term value.

The growing success of international thematic funds

The recent selection of Echiquier Artificial Intelligence to contribute to the financing of technology companies under the Tibi initiative attests to the recognition of LFDE’s expertise in international and thematic equities.

Starting in 2010 with the creation of Echiquier World Equity Growth, LFDE’s conviction management in international and thematic equities continues with Echiquier World Next Leaders, which has an innovative positioning in mid-cap companies and looks for future global leaders, via a multi-thematic approach (e-commerce, financial “disruptors”, health 2.0, renewable energies, etc.).

International and thematic equity funds have recorded net inflows of more than €400 million since the beginning of 2020.

Bettina Ducat, Chief Executive Officer of La Financière de l’Échiquier, commented:

“LFDE’s development continues by drawing on solid know-how, recognised expertise and rigorous management processes. These strengths have enabled us to complete successful funding rounds for our main funds, in a very turbulent environment. Over the coming months, we will continue to leverage our SRI strategy, which has a proven proprietary method, as well as our expertise in thematic and international equities, where our AuM continue to increase. More personally, having joined the management company’s executive management in early July, I am delighted to see all LFDE employees so committed to serving our clients. Together, we will be able to strengthen our presence in France and abroad.”

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