LFDE steps up its commitment to climate

La Financière de l’Échiquier (LFDE) has joined Climate Action 100+, the leading coalition of global investors which has agreed joint commitments with the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters. The aim of the initiative is to incentivise companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, to improve their climate governance and to improve the transparency of their climate reporting.

The initiative currently includes 410 investors with a collective USD 41 trillion under management, engaged in direct dialogue with 160 companies representing 80% of the world’s industrial emissions. Climate Action+ was launched with the support of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), to which LFDE has been a signatory since 2008.


Sonia Fasolo, SRI portfolio manager :

Climate change is a source of risk for companies, particularly the big emitters. Incentivising them to commit to the climate goes to the core or our responsibility as investors.

«Asset management has a key role to play in channelling capital towards firms that are building the world of tomorrow. By anticipating their vulnerability to transition risks and physical risks linked to climate change companies ensure their future survival and performance. »said Olivier de Berranger, Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer.


Pour en savoir plus sur l’initiative internationale Climate Action 100+, cliquez ici.

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