Echiquier Climate Impact Europe recognised at the CDP Europe Awards 2022


Echiquier Climate Impact Europe[1] has received a Climetrics Fund Award in the Europe category, alongside four other funds.

This award is based on the fund’s 2021 environmental performance, calculated by Climetrics, an independent, public fund rating system that is part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The Climetrics rating recognises investment solutions that support the transition to a low-carbon economy by better managing material issues related to climate change, water security and deforestation. Calculated based on data companies report to the CDP, the scoring system is based on three quantitative layers of analysis. These are each fund’s portfolio holdings, its investment policy, and the asset manager’s governance of climate issues.

In 2021, Climetrics rated 17,000 funds worldwide. Twenty funds, across four categories, were awarded the highest ratings. They were recognised at the annual CDP Europe Awards, which brings together high-level European decision makers around environmental themes.

La Financière de l’Echiquier (LFDE) has been a responsible investor for 30 years, and this award consolidates its position as an active player in impact investing[2]. With Echiquier Climate Impact Europe, launched in December 2020, LFDE is favouring a pragmatic approach. Every sector has to contribute to the fight against climate change. As such, the fund invests in pioneering companies that are providing solutions, as well as companies in transition. Every year, LFDE publishes an impact report for each of its impact funds in order to provide transparent information on its investments.

Olivier de Berranger, Deputy CEO and CIO, commented:

The climate emergency means that action is required from everyone. Through our climate-focused fund, we are supporting companies in their transition. We firmly believe that taking an ambitious position on these challenges will become a source of opportunity and performance. This award recognises our rigour, our ambition and our leadership.

Luc Olivier, Fund Manager for Echiquier Climate Impact Europe, emphasised:

Today, acting to combat climate change is vital and we are convinced of the role that finance has to play in this fight. Echiquier Climate Impact Europe invests in companies that are contributing to the energy and ecological transition. By implementing concrete initiatives, we will be able to remain on the path to keeping global warming below two degrees.


[1] The main risks to the fund are the risk of capital loss, equity risk and discretionary management risk. For more information on these funds’ features, risks, and fees, please read the regulatory documents – prospectus in English and French, KIID in your country’s official languages – available on our website,
The decision to invest in the promoted fund should not be based exclusively on its non-financial approach and should take all of the fund’s other features, as described in its prospectus, into account.
[2] Investors should note that their investment in the sub-fund does not generate a direct impact on the environment or the company, but that the sub-fund seeks to select and invest in companies that meet the specific criteria set out in the sub-fund’s management strategy.