Rolando Grandi

Echiquier Space, three years in the space race

Echiquier Space,[1] the first thematic fund dedicated to space and its ecosystem launched in Europe, is celebrating its third anniversary.

Launched just as the space 2.0 economy was beginning to benefit from the market shift towards the private sector, the fund is positioned across the entire value chain of the space ecosystem. Managed by Rolando Grandi, CFA, and Stéphane Nières-Tavernier,[2] Echiquier Space invests in innovative international companies that are helping to increase access to space.

The fund is made up of around 30 stocks, focusing on companies with activities in space, operating between Earth and Space, working on Earth to develop the space ecosystem, or whose technologies enable the space economy to flourish. To date, this international equity strategy has total assets of almost €59 million.[3]

Currently worth US$509 billion,[4] the space market is expected to reach over US$1,100 billion by 2030.[5] As a pioneer in this space revolution, the Echiquier Space management team has identified a number of structural trends that we believe offer unprecedented investment opportunities.

Rolando Grandi, CFA, Manager of Echiquier Space, La Financière de l’Echiquier, said: “The space odyssey is opening a new chapter in our history, driven in particular by the quest for multi-planetary life. At the same time, it focuses on the objective of improving life on Earth, from space. A long-term project, Space 2.0 is a gateway to the future and investment in innovation. We’re proud that Echiquier Space is celebrating its third anniversary!”

[1] The fund is exposed to the risk of capital loss, equity risk, foreign exchange risk, emerging market risk, and discretionary management risk. For more information on its features, risks and costs, please read the regulatory documents (prospectus and KIID) available at Investors are reminded that the units/shares presented may not be marketed in their country of residence.

[2] The management team may change over time. For more information about the composition of the team go to:

[3] LFDE data at 15/05/2024‌

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